Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, endorsed on Sunday, Barack Obama’s contention of not referring Islamic StateS as a branch of “radical Islam” as the term will grant the terrorist outfit religious legitimacy.

Johnson added that the Muslim religion stood for peace and brotherhood, anti-thesis of what IS, ISIL, or ISIS was engaged in. The terrorist group has been trying to hijack our religion, he added. In his opinion, he further added, calling the terrorists as belonging to any form of Islam was providing them more dignity than they were entitled to. Johnson’s remarks were similar to those made by the President Obama earlier this week when he said that IS activists were no religious leaders, but terrorists. Obama had further added that the US was not at war with Islam, but at war with those having perverted Islam.

Security Chief of Homeland Echoes Obama's Sentiments on ISIS as 'Radical Islam'

However, many conservatives were skeptical about the comments of Obama, and insisted that he was not aware of motivations behind the actions of these terrorist groups. Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, believed that Americans were rightly upset with the President who used to deliver speeches on extremism, but did not call Islamic extremism by name. He added that Islamic State and al Qaeda were terrorist organizations that needed to be tackled with a clear concept about their convictions. As per the columnist of USA Today, Republicans themselves did not have a clear cut principle about extremism, but they preferred to attack Obama on this score. He added that the issue of extremism was not an open and shut case.