Department store Selfridges, beloved by many across the country and around the world, is currently being attacked by campaigners, claiming that the store is behaving inhumanely. These small studs are used outside many buildings around the country, to discourage the homeless from sleeping in that location.

It is a controversial method, but one that tends to work. Homeless charities have condemned the use of these studs for a long time now, as they do nothing to help some of the most vulnerable people in society. Even Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, does not personally approve of the spikes, as they punish those that need help.

Selfridges Installs 'Anti-Homeless Spikes' Outside Manchester StoreDue to a similar reaction that supermarket Tesco received from the studs that they installed outside of their Regent Street store, the supermarket ended up having them removed, not too long after they were installed. They claim that they only installed them because of complaints that they received from many customers about anti-social behaviour outside the store. The same thing happened with a block of apartments in London, after they received a petition with 130,000 signatures of people horrified at the inhumanity of the spikes.

Selfridges has sparked a sense of anger in many, and people are using social media to share pictures of the spikes, as well as to express their disgust at the situation. Petitions have been launched to raise awareness of the spikes, and it is thought that a substantial number of signatures could have a productive impact. Selfridges have yet to comment on the backlash and it is currently unknown whether or not they will have the spikes removed.