Dallas Mavericks must be aware that in trading for point guard Rajon Rondo in December, they were after a fairly difficult and enigmatic player. Rondo a reactionary and bad tempered player, gives out his best when he feels free to improvise. In the game on Tuesday against Toronto Raptors, the Mavs players moved towards the bench just a few minutes from the close when Rick Carlisle, the head coach, and Rondo engaged themselves in a shouting match.

The Mavs knew that they gambled while trading Rondo, but they perhaps thought that the positives in him will out way negatives. The final outcome of the shouting match may not be known until the end of the season, when Rondo becomes free agent by this summer, but the Mavs had a glimpse of Rondo’s ire during the third quarter of the home game on Tuesday night. As an immediate action, Rondo was made to sit on the bench for the rest of the game. Monta Ellis and Devin Harris played in his place ably, and the match was won by the Mavs 99-92.

Shouting Match with Mavs Coach Rick Carlisle Lands Rajon Rondo on Bench

The details of the shouting match between Rondo and Carlisle, as described by Tim McMahon of ESPNDallas, are as follows. The shouting incident happened when 8.10 minutes remained in the third quarter. Carlisle called for a time out at that juncture, and shouted at Rondo who appeared to have ignored a play call from the bench on his bringing the ball up the floor. Rondo reacted by shouting back at Carlisle, and exchanged heated words. At that point of time, Jamahl Mosley, assistant coach intervened by placing himself between the shouting duo, and thus, preventing them from coming physically close to each other.

Carlisle admitted the exchange of shouts, and said that it being an emotional game, such things do happen. He added that to his mind, it was all over.