The first version of PS Vita debuted in our region in 2012. Of course, the launch of a new Sony portable console generated high expectations. Not only for its great potential in graphic terms, but also for its attractive launch catalog that grew little by little.

However, for no one is a secret that, in recent years, Sony has relegated PS Vita in favor of promoting and bringing the attention of players on PlayStation 4. This happens at least in our region, because in Japan and in the rest of Asia the portable system still enjoys high popularity.

Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, said the laptop market has low potential. During an interview with Bloomberg, the manager commented that Sony sees an opportunity regarding mobile games, but not so for portable consoles.

Sony portable consoles have low potential in the market

“We have not seen that as a great market opportunity.” The experience of PlayStation Vita was that outside Japan and Asia, there was no great demand. is always with you, was the determining factor, “said House.

At this point, House was questioned about Switch. According to him, the case of the Nintendo console is different, as it is not a portable device, but a hybrid: “It’s a different approach and strategy,” said the manager.

“We’re focused on a highly connected gaming experience and also on having a variety of other entertainment experiences so you can reach out to several people on the big screen of the house,” he said. House finished.

Apparently, there is little chance that Sony will launch a new handheld console. This despite the company registered a patent for a system similar to Switch. Go to this link to know all the news related to PS Vita.

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