India’s World Cup StrategyAround 48 hours prior to the scheduled quarterfinal match against India, the reigning World Cup champions, at MCG, Shakib Al Hasan, Bangladesh batsman, offered his comments to the media. He, replying to a question on percentage of success chance Bangladesh had, said that it was not a question of percentages, but of playing well right in the middle, having a good start, and a good momentum. It had been a routine pre-match speak to the media, but excitement in the rank and file of Bangladesh was quite evident. Shakib tried to give the message of “keep calm” as local as well as foreign media demanded more.

A little while later; Indian team came on to the MCG ground’s great bowl for a practice session of mainly stretching, fielding, and fitness. While the players skipped and drilled on the one side, on the other, the media manager of India, Dr. R N Baba was seen interacting with the media, perhaps listening to them demand for a little more. Only a few days ago, a Bangladesh journalist on his being too much persuasive, was told by a prominent support staff of India that “We don’t talk, we do”. In World Cup matches, India has talked through their performances, and by God’s grace, the speech so far has been quite impressive.

So far during this World Cup, Mohit Sharma and Mohammad Shami came out for pre-match press briefings in Hamilton and Auckland. They both were articulate and engaging in their conversations with the media in Hindi. While Mohit expressed his opinion about his surprise bouncer, Shami speaking with sincerity on World Cup said that one has to be on even keel on bad days and good days.

Both Indian and foreign media want to know about game plan, activities, and thoughts of the individual players and the team. However, the best way to answer all these questions is by performance, and so far Indian team has let the ball and bat talk for them.