Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been criticised by Graeme Souness, an ex-Liverpool player, and George Graham, previous coach for Arsenal, for not properly disciplining his players and for not spending enough money on improving the talent at his club. Wenger has admitted to being under increasing pressure when it comes to achieving better results, and is less than happy at the most recent defeat that Arsenal experienced against Monaco in the first leg of their Champions League match.

Souness and Graham Criticise WengerSouness firmly stated that Wenger simply was not doing enough for the club, and that if he were at any other club, he would not have lasted this long as they would not have let him get away with it. He also criticised the Arsenal boss for being too nice to his players, and expressed surprised at the fact that ex-Arsenal players do not have many negative words to say about him.

Graham, ex-Gunners boss, slammed Wenger’s tactics and questioned his team selection. He also stated that the way Arsenal have only been achieving a qualifying berth each season for the Champions League is simply not acceptable. Graham spoke out to the nation on a Radio 5 show, saying that when it comes to Arsenal, there are currently many unanswered questions, such as the positioning of Danny Welbeck. He ended the interview by saying that he is sure that Arsene Wenger knows what he is doing, and that Arsenal will finish in the top four again this season, but in his opinion, Arsenal should be right at the top challenging the other teams for the title.