South Korea’s President Park Geun Hye, according to the prosecution in the corruption scandal, has been guilty of a long-standing confidant of the assistance. The investigators suspect Park in an interim report, as an accomplice of their girlfriend Choi Soon Sil acted.

Choi was accused of being charged with the idea of ​​donating funds for private foundations and enriching himself personally. The accusation of the investigators increases the pressure on the conservative state, who has been exposed to resignation claims for weeks.

When an interim report was presented, the prosecutors announced further investigations against Park on Sunday. This, however, can not be accused on account of their immunity. On the other hand, the investigators charged charges against Parkinson’s girlfriend Choi for the allegation of abuse of power, coercion and attempted fraud.

Choi is said to have interfered in government business without a public office and had access to confidential documents. She is the daughter of a former sect leader and sponsor of Park. In addition, two former presidential advisors were charged with their involvement in the case.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the investigators have concluded that, with a “significant amount” of the criminal activities, Park had co-operated with the three, because of the suspicions against Choi and the former secretaries An Chong Bum and Jung Ho Sung. The Presidential Office was silent on the allegations. Representatives of the opposition indicated that they would object to Park’s dismissal procedure if it did not voluntarily resign.

Specifically, Choi has been able to exert pressure on more than 50 companies to donate to the two controversial foundations Mir and K-Sports. Of the total of almost 80 billion won (64 million euros), Choi is said to have transferred a part to a company controlled in front of it. The former secretary Parks for Policy Coordination, An Chong Bum, is said to have helped Choi. The former secretary of the Park’s personal affairs, Jeong Ho Seong, is suspected of having forwarded confidential documents to Choi.

Park had apologized twice publicly for the affair and agreed to ask the prosecutor’s questions. It is to be examined in the next day.

On Saturday again, hundreds of thousands of South Koreans had gone to Seoul and other cities in the country to call Park to resign. According to the organizers, more than 500,000 people were involved in the peaceful protests in Seoul alone, and the police spoke of 170,000 participants. It was the fourth mass protests within four weeks. On Saturday a week ago, more than a million people had gathered in Seoul – it was the largest demonstration in South Korea for decades.