South London Police Officer Stabbed in HeadJust after 8pm last night, police in South London were called to an address in Walworth, with reports that a male was being violent and aggressive. They were told that a 20 year old man was not only armed with a knife, but was also holding a baby. When the police arrived at the scene, the man luckily decided to put down the baby, but then he turned on the officers instead when they tried to reason with him, inquiring about the situation and pleading with him to drop his weapon.

As the police tried to deal with the man, a 30 year old officer ended up getting stabbed in his head and his shoulder. The injured officer was taken straight to the hospital, where his injuries were treated with stitches and he was later discharged with no permanent damage. Luckily, no other officers were injured in the incident and the attacker was immediately detained on suspicion of murder.

The police officers at the Southwark borough updated their 6000 Twitter followers on the status of the officer after the attack had been made public, letting them know that he was going to be fine. Their Twitter followers sent in many messages of support and well wishes, hoping for a speedy recovery. Attacking a police officer is considered to be an extremely serious crime.

An inquiry into the incident is currently being carried out, with the attacker, identified as Carlos Djau, will appear in front of the Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court today.