19.11.2016 at 18:31 Cloud Imperium Games and Chris Roberts showed new videos on upcoming features of the space game during a live stream to Star Citizens’ fourth birthday. Check out the exciting clips for large combat ships, some smaller ships and the first-person Starmarine module.

During the live stream to Star Citizens’ fourth birthday, Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games (CI Games) showed fresh material for their space simulation, which is still under development. The videos show not only new ships and scenes from the FPS Starmarine module, which await us in the future, but also present a lot of new game mechanics.

Star Citizen – Capital Ships and other ships
In this video you will be presented three of the future capital ships (large combat ships). Their names: Idris, Javelin and the massive Carrier Bengal. The following video will introduce you to the impressive stars of Star Citizen.

Do not worry, if the gigantic big ships were to be a big number – the smaller Drake caterers, Drake Herald, Origin 85X and Esperia Prowler will be introduced as other smaller class ships. They show up in the following video.

Star Citizen scenes from the Star Marine FPS module
Last but not least, another released video provides exciting insights into the first-person shooter Partstar Marine, which is currently in the alpha stage. Nevertheless, some interesting components are presented, such as the ability to glide directly from the deck of the station or even from broken windows into space. The fast and action-packed gameplay in the detail-loving setting is convincing.

In our video discussion, the two Star Citizen pros, Peter Bathge and Stefan Weiss, talk about the current state of the promising space spectacle. More interesting news, useful infos, screenshots and videos about Star Citizen can be found on our constantly growing and extensive theme page. What you think of the material shown and what feature you are most looking forward to, you can communicate the community and us in the comments below these lines!

Star Citizen Gameplay