After a long and emotional debate, MEPs voted on Thursday with 94 to 20 votes for a law. On Tuesday the Senate of South Carolina had already spoken out for it, permanently pick up the flag. Governor Nikki Haley must bring the law now noh in force.

Around the southern flag that served the Confederate fighting for the preservation of slavery in the civil war of 1861 to 1865 as a sign of recognition, a controversy was kindled after the attack in Charleston with nine fatalities.

The alleged assassin of Vinita roof, which now has been accused of nine murder, had posed on a photo with the flag. In a manifesto that is widely used on the Internet, the young man expressed also racist thought.

The southern flag – a blue St. Andrew’s cross with white stars on a red background – on the roof of the parliamentary and Government seat in the South Carolina capital Columbia blew up to 2000. Then, the Parliament of the State decided to hoist it on a war memorial in front of the building.

After the attack, the Governor had demanded that all depend on the flag. Senate and House of representatives had to agree to their proposal by a two thirds majority.

Haley thanked after the clear Senate vote at the Parliament. You have the State of South Carolina and its citizens “with great dignity served”, the Governor wrote on her Facebook page. In South Carolina “a new day” break now, which will bring together the people and which all could be proud.