Sony Playstation VR – The idea of bringing back the old technology is apparently adopted by the Sony as they plan to bring back the Power Glove. PlayStation makes are looking forward to launch a controller inside the glove which will enhance the overall gaming experience. Using this glove, the player will be able to interact physically with the items inside the game world. It will be more like a wearable device which will have different types of sensors. These sensors will be able to track the finger positions. The main concept behind this launch is to make the whole experience of PlayStation even more advance.

Step into future of PlayStation, Sony Reveals Trick up Its Sleeve for PlayStation VR in Recent Patent Filing

Without a doubt present use of hand-held VR controllers, while valuable and even kind of cool, in like manner have all the earmarks of being unwieldy and unnatural. You oblige something to offer you some help with communicating with the VR world with more precision, in light of the way that VR camera advancement takes an impressive measure of determination and planning vitality to choose fine motor improvements for things, for example, your digits. In their late recording, in any case, Sony possibly took a brief from Nintendo and appealed to for a patent on a “VR glove.” It looks good regarding the usage of VR remembering Nintendo’s Power Glove genuinely didn’t take off, for a Virtual Reality controller; this could truly work truly well.

There’s no tremendous measure of purpose of enthusiasm for the photo above anyway you can see that Sony is envisioning something altogether more light-weight than Nintendo’s in a matter of seconds vintage Power Glove that came to showcase in the late 80s, in case you can assume that. Unmistakably, advancement has advanced starting now and into the foreseeable future and Sony’s philosophy depicts VR glasses and an improvement transmitter ball or module and an arm adornment zone that Sony insinuates as a “flex sensor.”

Everything looks truly rather rich contrasted with what we’ve found in current VR controller usage.

Diverse notables in the archiving show a “PC,” presumably the console or some forward-looking device, connected with a cloud gaming framework, proposing perhaps multiplayer strategies clearly and additionally possibly cloud get ready or possibly some sort of machine vision or picture and sample affirmation offload.

Sony PlayStation VR Headset Will Look Great

Dr. Richard Marks, the head of the PlayStation Magic Lab at Sony, had a presentation at the 2016 Vision VR/AR Summit, where he talked about the upcoming PlayStation VR headset, which is expected to have a 100 degree FOV and a latency of 19 ms. Regarding the PS4 console, Marks said that the device is more efficient than computers when it comes to processing VR content.

According to Richard Marks, the PlayStation VR headset will work with the PS4 console and it’s “extremely close to being on par with Vive and the Rift w/a gtx970 based on the tests I’ve done . . . In brief, the PSVR only requires about 1/4th of the render target size that the Vive requires. This has a lot to do with the display they are using that can run a 60Hz game at 120Hz (in addition to the 90Hz mode).”

In his presentation, Marks talked also about the PS4 console, which is effectively 60 percent more efficient than computers with same specs, at handling VR processing. “For example, the draw calls on the PS4 are faster than with dx11 which is something that a lot of people don’t realize,” said the developer of the PlayStation VR headset. Back in December 2015, Mark didn’t have a great onstage demo of the PlayStation VR headset, because the controllers failed to work when two players were supposed to duel one another. The snafu was addressed at this time at the Vision VR/AR Summit that took place from 10 to 11 February.