Do you know how sugar actually affects our body? Experts in medicine and nutrition consider some foods frequently consumed as responsible for the appearance of diseases of different nature. Without going any further, sugar has been in focus for decades, given scientific studies corroborating its harmful effects on the body. In fact, there are many experts who advise reducing or completely eliminating it from our diet.

First, we must know that this substance is present in most of the products that we find in the supermarket, even in those with a salty taste such as pickles or bread. Carefully reading the labels on these foods will help us control the amount of sugar we consume, but as we will see later, sometimes these data are confusing.

How sugar affects the body

Effects of sugar on the body

As we said previously, studies speak of sugar as a food harmful to the body if we ingest it in excess. In this line, it is associated with the appearance of problems such as the following:

1. Weight gain. Generally, foods rich in sugar contain a high percentage of calories and saturated fats. This excessive caloric intake causes an increase in weight and increases the risk of being overweight and / or obese.

2. Fluid retention. This involves swelling in areas such as the hands, legs and eye contour, as well as the appearance of dark circles, varicose veins and spider veins. Of course, it also negatively affects the blood circulation.

3. Dental problems. Sugar is the main substrate of the bacteria present in the mouth, which in turn give rise to the dreaded cavities. The greater our sugar consumption, the greater the activity of these bacteria, so our teeth, bones and gums will be affected.

4. Skin disorders. The excess of sugar causes that in our organism there is a lower level of vitamin C, which favors the appearance of wrinkles in the skin and the acceleration of the aging. In addition, sugars stimulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, which is manifested in the appearance of acne.

5. Cardiovascular diseases. Sugar adds harmful elements to our blood, which makes it difficult to circulate. As a result, the arteries have to over-tighten and the tension rises, which means that the heart has to beat harder. Hence, the consumption of this substance is associated with cardiovascular problems.

Effects of sugar on the brain

High consumption of sugar reduces the amount of dopamine in the brain, which is a chemical substance related to pleasure and memory. This is why it creates addiction and why it favors the onset of depressive episodes. In fact, some experts compare their effects with those of tobacco and drugs.