After the threat warning released by U.S regarding an Israeli made software “Superfish” Lenovo came up with a tool to remove Super fish. The software is vulnerable to cyber-attacks after the removal of self-signed certificate.

Furthermore Microsoft and McAfee, Lenovo’s official partners in antivirus are also hard at work to remove or atleast quarantine the workings of “crapware”. The US Department of Cyber Security that the virus could let the hackers delete encrypted data, Redirect websites and make the system vulnerable to other attacks. Reports have stated that system is impervious to such attacks until the removal of virus.

Lenovo released a press release stating that “We are working with McAfee and Microsoft to resolve the issue by removing or quarantining it”.

Microsoft release an update for its windows essential program to counter the virus and would release an update for its PC windows as well. Many users are not happy with the Lenovo decision of giving preinstalled McAfee anti-virus which is dubbed a bloatware by many users as Lenovo gets paid per every upgrade.

Security analysts have urged Lenovo to discontinue the practice of installing bloatware on their systems that could cause serious vulnerabilities resulting in privacy thefts and security breaches. Superfish is highly contagious and can install and affect google webpages as well as infect Mozilla browser and Microsoft certificate store.

However, Lenovo stated that the vulnerability was undetected until it was pointed out by the US agency, even its Antivirus Partners McAfee and Microsoft failed to identify the problem.