Survivors of Tunisia Massacre Pretended to be DeadThe survivors of Thursday’s massacre in Tunisia, at the Bardo Museum in Tunis, have spoken out about the incident, telling media how they had to pretend to be dead in order to stay alive. The massacre had resulted in 23 people being killed, including 20 foreigners. The people that survived and had not found a hiding place were terrified that the terrorists would return, so played dead on the floor after smearing blood from other victims over their bodies. Many of the survivors witnessed people being shot and killed, with some having to take cover under the bodies of the dead. 17 people were safe from the attack after Hamadi Alaa Eddine, who works at the museum, showed them a side room where they could hide.

Isis have claimed responsibility for the attack, but the two gunmen, who were also killed, do not have clear links to the extremist group. Analysts have said that it is likely that militant cells that were already around have simply found themselves inspired by the terror that Isis causes. Authorities have discovered that the gunmen were first recruited at mosques in Tunisia, before travelling to Libya towards the end of last year for ‘training’.

The Bardo Museum is an important Tunisian icon, containing more than 3000 years worth of Tunisia’s history and culture. Latifa Lakhdar, the Culture Minister, said that the museum was likely to have been a deliberate target for this very reason. It is similar to other attacks that have occurred in recent years, with many cultural sites in the Arab world being targeted by extremist groups.