Dargan Bristow, a 16 year old teen, said to his grandmother that he is speechless when his high school basketball trainer had put him into the team. Just five years ago, this teen boy was diagnosed with both autism spectrum disorder and fetal alcohol syndrome. So he was not capable of doing normal things.

Teen Suffered Autism Got the Chance to Play Basketball in OhioFor about last six years, he is under his grandparents care and moved from South Carolina to Ohio, as grandmother thought that here Dargan will get more opportunities to be socialized with others. His grandmother mentioned, “In South Carolina, they simply referred him to participate in Special Olympics and not to participate in normal sports etc. but after coming here in Ohio, he has all great people around him and they are helping a lot. I am just overwhelmed as after coming here he is becoming more social and loves everything he wants to do. ”

One activity Dargan likes most is to perform his duty as the manager of his basketball team named Riverside Beavers in De Graff. He has practiced in drilling sessions during team practice. Then Dargans’ coach has decided to surprise him by allowing him to play in last six minutes of the match. At the end of the match, the team members greeted him with warm hugs and opponent team gave him high fives. He was very happy and felt special at that time. Although Dargans’ team didn’t won the match, but he mentioned that for him, it was not about winning only. Now Dargan is waiting for the final basketball match on 20th February, while Coach Santo mentioned that he will get more time to play in that match.