The Terminator is back. In the first “Terminator” Arnold Schwarzenegger said only 16 sets – In “Terminator Genisys” he talks too much. And that’s by far not the only problem of the $ 200 million cheap Action Kracher.

“John Connor talks too much.” The T-800 has heard enough from the revolutionaries Connor, who now followed very different subversive plans, and so the Terminator draws a line. At least for the next minute of film. Then the race, beating, shooting goes on, just like the great speeches. In truth, all the talk in “Terminator Genisys” namely too much, even and especially the Cyborg, the first time in 1984 came into the cinemas and its embodier Arnold Schwarzenegger helped a cinematic (and political) career, at least as fantastic seems like the plot the now five Terminator movies.

The people friendly of all killer delivers classic from à la “I’ll be back” – core set this time: “I am old, not obsolete” – but also some lengthy scientific explanations put forward by the Austrians with rattling voice and who demands everything to him likely. These rates are the clearest sign of the head stands the writers to bring the series up and running again.

There is not only a massive intervention in the future, the changes the past, and therefore the future, but at least two. The Doomsday is displaced from 1997 to 2017; there is a surprising new villain; and it is a clever excuse was found why the soon 68-year-old Schwarzenegger may look as old as he is: While the metal structure of the cyborg is indestructible, aging his human shell humanely – the will is strong, but the flesh weak. The alternate time frames allow director Alan Taylor, quoting old scenes and then to operate a few playful games. Early climax is the struggle of the mature T-800 against his young counterpart, which is twice legitimate because Schwarzenegger in 1984 looked like an art creature. Sarah Connor, the mother of the future leader John, may now be an old Arnie Phrase say (“Come with me if you want to live”) call and the T-800 “Pops” because he accompanied her, since she the age of nine was. Sarah squabbles with Kyle Reese, her confused savior from the future (and father of John!), You must now save frequently act, just as tiresome as its gentler moments.

Terminator - Genesys Again With Arnold Schwarzenegger The Terminator Is Marking Time

An image of his time

After surprisingly fast the blending of the old with the new wears off, just like the (self-) irony that puts too much. If everything is possible, everything is eventually required.

Even the kicker that humanity with their blind technology-bondage the machine only paves the way, now acts as an attached warning sign; and unlike the first two parts of this adventure saga future is very enthusiastic about his own technical possibilities that it does not seem particularly credible in its critical tones. If you on the other hand look at how skillfully the often gehänselte for his scripts James Cameron in “Terminator” and “T2″ action and humor, fear of the future, violent force and astounding moments association with each other and with few clear sentences (and liners) relined, can a already the tears come.

Perhaps it may seem unfair to compare this fifth part of the first two, finally include this undoubtedly the best, most important, imperishable works – not only of the genre, but the entire movie history (quite different from the way as the parts three and four, the both were already unnecessarily).

That is why it is absolutely necessary to set the highest standards. Hollywood had never afraid to cannibalize yourself when doing a few dollars would fall. But never was the greed so great – and so is “Terminator Genisys” become a reflection of its time, as the first part reflected the gloom of nuclear armament.

Who it still manages to hide the first two parts – whether because of the grace of late birth or other unexpected abilities – which can of course ask the naive question like “Genisys” works by itself, as a “simple”, an estimated 200 million dollars cheap action work.

R-800 please retire

The answer is just as sobering, because the film is increasingly boring: Redundant, caught in the spiral of continuous improvement coercion, after which the next explosion must be necessarily greater than the previous one. But what a good, two jaunty visual detail per brawl or shooting or Morpherei when everything else is marking time. Even Again, if everything is possible, nothing is captivating. On top of that it is simply silly if constantly the same mistakes are made. As the villainous man machine hangs impaled and seemingly helpless against the wall, but instead that they finally someone discarded her the opportunity, of course, is conceded, again to collect their forces. Please, how many times you have to experience in the cinema nor the?

Finally, the end is so clumsy that you almost have to admire the chutzpah of charge again. A voice-over proclaims, still had not clarified all the questions – as it would be in our favor, if the story would be continued soon. Not merely a sequel, but at least in two.

Here it would be in the audience, to demonstrate their power and the history of a rewrite for all: by staying away “Terminator Genisys”. And send the series and the T-800 in the well-deserved retirement.