As per the federal officials, three men were taken into custody in the US on Wednesday for their alleged plotting to travel to Syria for joining Islamic State group of terrorists, and waging war against the US. Officials further added that one of the three arrested talked of shooting Barack Obama, the US President, and planting of a bomb at Coney Island.

As per the authorities, one of the accused, Akhror Saidakhmetov was taken into custody at Kennedy Airport trying to board a flight to Istanbul. Another, Abdurasul Hasanovich Juraboev who possessed a next month’s ticket to Istanbul, was taken into custody in Brooklyn, authorities added. The third, Abor Habibov, accused of funding Saidakhmetov’s travel plan was arrested in Florida. All three have been ordered to be held without bail.

The three held have been charged with conspiracy and attempt to support and actively join a terrorist outfit, which if proved would land them in prison for a maximum period of 15 years. William Bratton, Commissioner of Police in New York, described it as a real threat as men living in the US were inspired to join terrorists in the Middle East. During the past one year around 20 persons have been charged with plotting to travel to the Middle East to join and fight alongside such militant groups as Islamic State.

Three Men Held in U.S. for Plotting to Join Islamic State in SyriaAs per public prosecutors, Juraboev came to the notice of law enforcement agency for the first time in August, on his posting on a website of Uzbek language which propagates the ideology of Islamic State. Juraboev sent his greetings, pledged his allegiance to the group, and dedicated himself despite his being away, as per his writings. He further wrote and expressed his resolve to shoot Obama to instill fear in the hearts of infidels. Officials thought, Juraboev planned to travel to Syria from Turkey to join Islamic State. Juraboev identified Saidakhmetov as his friend who shared his ideology, and was in constant touch with him through SMSs. Both watched a video of training camps of Islamic State in Syria. Saidakhmetov, also, planned to attack the US, if it could not join IS in Syria.

The inflow of fighters from foreign countries to Syria exhibited a deep rooted conspiracy evolving against the US and its allies, officials said.