Top Gear Co-Hosts Refuse to Film Without Jeremy ClarksonRichard Hammond and James May, who present the BBC show Top Gear along with Jeremy Clarkson, have both refused to film anymore episodes of the series without their third co-host. Clarkson has been suspended indefinitely from the show, after he punched a producer, Oisin Tymon, after discovering that there was not a hot meal waiting for him after a long day of filming.

Hammond and May are said to have turned down filming more episodes of the series, which would have featured mostly recorded segments, with some scenes of Hammond and May in the studio. An executive from the BBC informed the media that they did not want to film any episodes without Clarkson, giving the impression that it had to be all 3 of them or none at all, meaning that talks about new episodes were not able to be taken any further.

With the last episodes of the series cancelled, the BBC has not only lost out on millions of viewers, but they have also received thousands of complaints, with many fans of the show calling for Clarkson to be reinstated. A petition that was created, urging the BBC to reinstate the presenter, now has over 960,000 signatures, showing just how popular Clarkson is with Top Gear viewers, as well as supporters of the BBC. Another popular petition making its way around the internet, which has received over 27,000 signatures since Monday, is calling for Alan Partridge to replace Clarkson on the show.