The two firms, plus the manufacturer of parts Denso, join forces to get their cars to the future of the best technology in the fast-paced race for the electric.

The already undeniable electric future on the road, although anticipated for a long time, has not begun to take bellows really until now. Both governments and cities have recently tightened legislation, forcing manufacturers to act quickly if they do not want to be left behind when electric models begin to make a massive presence in the market within a few years.

Toyota and Mazda, together for the technology of electric cars

This leads to positions such as Toyota, Mazda and Denso, now united to pull the same rope and get to develop cutting-edge technology to include in their next electric vehicles. Among these vehicles, according to Toyota itself, are cars, utilities and trucks. These are some of the plans that draw the roadmap for both companies in the short and medium term.

The participation of the brands in the new company, based in Japan and with the name EV Common Architecture Spirit Co Ltd, will be of 90 percent for Toyota and 5% for each of the remaining two. This company will initially have about 40 employees, which will come from the teams of engineers of the companies, adding talent to advance in a matter from which to obtain benefits jointly.

For both a manufacturer and the other the issue begins to be pointed, not having any of the two fully electric vehicles on the market right now. Although Toyota has achieved a reasonable success with its Prius over the last few years, it is essential to take a step that will allow us to move forward in this matter ahead.

For now, a few months ago said they are working on new batteries that would allow their vehicles to load much faster, improving refueling time, one of the most critical aspects of today’s electric cars. They state that 2022 may be the year chosen to see all these new features, so we will have to wait.