Due to unspecified defined technical problems NYSE stock market stopped the New York trade on Wednesday. Further traded is on the technology stock exchange NASDAQ.

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has on Wednesday because of technical problems trade exposed. This was announced by the administration of the New York Stock Exchange itself. What is exactly behind it, was initially not known. The New York Stock Exchange is one of the most important stock exchanges for securities worldwide.

The problems occurred at 11:30 o’clock local time. The Stock Exchange said she work to find a rapid solution. The courses were dropped before the suspension of trading. The background was above all the massive losses on the markets in China.

A spokesman of the US Presidential Office said that President Barack Obama about the trading halt was informed. The Finance Ministry watch ¬ęthe situation in the stock market. The American Federal Police turned the TV channel CNBC according to. The Securities and Exchange Commission announced to be in close contact with the NYSE.

Previously had been reported even by problems in the US airline United Airlines, whose Flugzeuge had to stay because of a computer error at the bottom. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security gave information from CNN, that the problems with NYSE and United Airlines is not declined to a hacker attack.