Donald Trump is not a big fan of free trade. The election campaign has shown enough. Now, obviously, plans for his trade policy have leaked.

The trade policy of the future president Donald Trump gets contours: A leaked discussion paper of the transition team provides a step-by-step plan for the reorientation of trade relations, especially with Mexico, Canada and China. In the paper quoted by CNN, the target is emphasized by the fact that in future agreements, the interests of American companies and workers will be much more important. Literally,

“The Trump trade plan breaks with the globalist wings of both the Republican and Democratic parties. Trumps government will reverse decades of a conciliatory-compliant trade policy “. New agreements would primarily serve the interests of American firms and workers. In the first 200 days, the Trumps government is committed to five objectives: the list of the NAFTA Free Trade Agreement, which the United States, Canada and Mexico had joined together in the early 1990s.

Trump Camp Wants to Realign the Trade

The future government also wants the negotiated free trade agreement with Pacific-Pacific countries (TPP) to ratify the Congress. The long-term idea pursued by the White House to bring TPP to a vote in the phase between election and the introduction of the office has now been abandoned. Both parties have confirmed this.

What does the withdrawal from Nafta cost?
The Trump team also wants to stop “unfair imports” and “unfair commercial practices”. Finally, new bilateral trade agreements are to be concluded. On the very first day of his reign, Donald Trump, the paper advised, was to entrust the Ministry of Commerce with the task of assessing the consequences of a withdrawal from the Nafta Free Trade Agreement and the necessary legislative steps to terminate the agreement.

The chief trader for trade questions would let Canada and Mexico know that the United States wants treaties. The contract provides for the parties to terminate the contract. Justin Trudeau has already announced that he is ready for renegotiation. Nafta had been negotiated and signed by the Republican President George Bush, whose democratic successor Bill Clinton supported the deal. Trump, on the other hand, had described Nafta as the worst trade agreement ever signed and always blamed by Bill Clinton.

The next road mark in the paper is Day 100, where the government is to examine whether it can classify China as a currency manipulator to build on agreements. The previous American government has concluded in its analysis that China does not manipulate the currency down. Foreign exchange sales of the Chinese central bank rather show that China is seeking to strengthen the yuan.

According to the paper, day 100 is also the time when Trump should be involved in the investigation of commercial practices by the secret services. What exactly is meant by this is not apparent from the paper. According to the paper, day 200 is ultimately the day of the decision: Trump should then decide if he would stop Nafta. The document, quoted from the CNN, also contains warnings: the withdrawal from Nafta could have negative consequences, which could be mitigated by bilateral trade agreements with Canada and Mexico.