The future US President Donald Trump has met Mitt Romney in the course of his government education – so far one of his sharpest critics. Whether in the approximately one-half-hour meeting was discussed specifically about the post of Foreign Minister, remained unclear at first.

Trump characterized the course of the meeting as “great”. Romney spoke of a “thorough and profound discussion” on various international issues. He was looking forward to the future government and what she was going to do.

US media have treated the moderate former governor of Massachusetts as one of several candidates for the post of US chief diplomat in recent days. But it was also possible that the invitation to Romney was intended merely as a demonstrative gesture of reconciliation.

trump romney

A nomination of the Republican Presidential Candidate of 2012 as Foreign Minister would differ strongly from Trumps’s previous personnel decisions. The chosen new President, Senator, wants to make Jeff Sessions his Minister of Justice, the former General Michael Flynn as national security adviser and the deputy Mike Pompeo as CIA director. All are extremely conservative hardliners.

Against this backdrop, it was speculated that Trump could opt for Romney as a foreign minister to settle more moderate circles. He is also more statesman than the New York ex-mayor, Rudy Giuliani, who is also a hardliner and also a former head of the Olympic Committee of the USA.

The future President and Romney had a lot of misgivings at the Trumps Golf Club in New Jersey. In the election campaign, both were massively overlapping each other. Thus, Romney criticized Trump as “deceiver”, “dishonest”, “greedy”, “disgraceful” and “third-class showman”. The multimillionaire on his part Romney called, among other things, a “failure”.

Sessions, Flynn and Pompeo accepted their nomination. Sessions is a falcon who was not allowed to be a judge in 1986 because a Senate committee considered him to be too racist. Flynn is above all his radical Islam criticism. He considers Islam to be a political ideology, not a religion.

The Democratic deputy, Luis Gutierrez, said, “Those who long for blacks, gays who did not reveal, immigrants were invisible, and women were in the kitchen. Sessions is the right man.”

Civil rights activists like the Black Association NAACP declared that no one had fought harder against immigration, against Latinos, and against colored ones than sessions. In fact, the Senator from Alabama has worked for more than two decades to reduce immigration to zero. He was repeatedly held back by racism, whereas he always defended himself.

The future CIA Director, Pompeo, criticized as President of Kansas the decision of President Barack Obama to close illegal CIA prisons. He also turned against the rule that all interrogations must be strictly based on anti-torture laws. Once again, Pompeo continued to expand the surveillance practices of the US government.

Flynn will advise the President on all issues of national and international security. Since Trump has no experience in the fields of foreign and security policy, the three-star general has an enormous influence.

Trump also made a legal dispute about dubious business practices of his “Trump University” with a million comparison. He agreed to pay $ 25 million, as the New York Attorney General told Eric Schneiderman. Trump twittered on Saturday that he had decided to “focus on our country as president”.

He was accused in a trial of bringing more than 6000 students with false promises of $ 40 million. Trump himself had earned five million dollars, according to the accusation. The “Trump University” was designed to train students as successful real estate professionals and business people. It was not, however, a real university with recognized degrees, which is why the name had to be changed.