Donald Trump, with his personnel decisions, is a source of confusion – even in his own party. Now two of his important consultants have withdrawn. The talk is even of “Stalinist purges.”

Until Donald Trump can reign in January 2017 as the new President of the US, there is still a long way to go: key positions must be re-occupied, the Cabinet restructured. But in the transition of Trump, chaos breaks out – several names have disappeared from the team list.

A surprising and cutting-edge event is the departure of the respected US Republican and Head of the Secret Service Committee, Mike Rogers. He announced on Tuesday his resignation from the transition team. He was proud of the team put together to make meaningful policy, he wrote in a statement. He was delighted to be working on a new team led by Vice-President Mike Pence.

According to US media such as NBC News and the Washington Post, the departure of Rogers was anything but harmonious. A “Stalinist cleansing” has been reported in Republican circles. The expulsion could be related to an earlier staff: a few days after Trump won the presidential election, he commissioned his vice president, Pence, to lead the team preparing the presidency.

This was a hard blow for Trump confidant Chris Christie, who had worked with the White House the previous months to prepare for Trumps. Also the role of Trumps children and his son-in-law Jared Kushner in the personnel decisions is unclear.

In the Trump Team, Chaos Breaks Out

Ben Carson withdrew

Another important advisor, Trumps, has announced his retreat: Ben Carson, the only black traded as a candidate for a seat in the Cabinet. The former neurosurgeon had been treated as a health minister. He was convinced that this was not the best way for him to serve the elected President Trump, said Carson’s spokesman, Armstrong Williams. He lacked government experience.

In the election campaign Carson was a close consultant Trumps. He wanted to stay that way, said Carson’s spokesman, “and a friend”. Instead of Carson, according to a media report, the deputy Tom Price from Georgia for the Ministerposten was brought into conversation. Like Trump, he is one of the great critics of Barack Obama’s health reform.

Pence has now signed important papers

From the White House, according to the New York Times, the efforts to make the transition as smooth as possible came to a halt. Pence had so far failed to sign important papers that enabled his team to work together with the helpers of President Barack Obama.

That changed in the night to Wednesday. Pence had signed the papers, said a spokeswoman for the White House, Brandi Hoffine. The next step for Trumps’ transition team was to present the names of those who were authorized to continue the surrender process.

Trump, with his personal decisions, also creates confusion in his own party. He recently appointed Stephen Bannon, a law planner, as chief strategist and consultant. Reince Priebus is to become a staff chief. He is hoping that he could act as a door opener to the White House.

The former spokesman for the US House of Representatives, Republican Paul Ryan, had turned his back on Trump’s election campaign. After the victory, however, he offered him the cooperation. Now Ryan is to be confirmed in the office according to the will of his party friends. The republican deputies voted unanimously at a meeting on Tuesday.

After Rogers’ resignation, Eliot Cohen spoke up – one of the biggest opponents of Trumps within the Republican Party. Shortly after the election, he had still suggested conciliatory tones. Republicans, who were faced with the question of whether they should work in a government trumps, had advised them to do it under two conditions. They may have an undated declaration of resignation, and have not withdrawn a word from what they have said before. It was a question of duty to serve the country. And maybe Trump is not so bad.

But now, Cohen has revised his opinion, saying: “After an exchange with Trumps, I change my advice: stay away from them, they are angry, arrogant and they scream, ‘You’ve lost’, it’s getting ugly . “