The influence of his father-in-law Jared Kushner in the Donald Trumps team is hardly to be expected. Also Trumps adult children mix along behind the scenes. But which political positions do they actually represent?

There must be a wall, “says Trump consultant Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and possibly future foreign ministers, for once, not talking about securing the border with Mexico. What Giuliani calls for is a strict separation of the content and organization between the White House and the Trump Organization, the conglomerate of the elector who is to be headed by Trumps children Ivanka, Eric and Donald Junior during his presidency.

In his administration, of course, his children would not play any role, not even unofficial ones, so Trump. Reports that he had asked for a “top secret” release, which would allow his junior access to state secrets, were wrong, Trump made clear on Wednesday via Twitter. The fact that there is an anti-nepotism law in the United States, which prohibits the occupation of government items with family members, is, of course, also clear.

Trumps Policy as a Family Business

Why, however, are his three children from their first marriage sitting at the transitional stage, which is currently working intensively to bring Trumps government together? Many observers are reminded of clan structures of banana republics, where it is not clear where the policy ends and the family business begins. The fact that Ivanka Trump used the first joint TV appearance with her father after his election triumph, in order to advertise for a 10.800 dollar bangle from her collection increased corresponding fears.

However, even if the trumps in the next four, or (in the case of re-election), eight years ago, were to clean up politics and business, Ivanka, Eric and Donald Junior will remain important reference persons and advisers for their father. The elected president surrounds himself with “whose main qualification appears to be unconditional loyalty,” says former national security adviser Elliott Cohen on Wednesday in the “Washington Post” – and probably meant the politically inexperienced Trump children.

It remains to be seen what influence this will have on the presidency of the father. In the election campaign, they vigorously stirred the advertising drum, jumping in again and again when it came to “letting it humanize” and praising the character characteristics of the candidate. However, programmatic positions were rarely heard, with the 38-year-old Donald Junior, Trumps oldest son, still the most aggressive impression. He spoke loudly, especially at the end of the election campaign, against the establishment, the media, and also talked with several verbal failures, as he compared Syrian refugees with poisoned candies.