Is “Lord of the rings” long gone since 2014. where should friends well-kept fantasy battles ‘Hobbit’ trilogy coming now at their own expense? Maybe in the video game adaptation “Warcraft”, where on the helmets cut humans and Orcs themselves.

The annual flagship comics convention that’s expanded over the years to include film, television, video games and, now, virtual worlds kicked off here Wednesday with a special virtual reality experience for the “Warcraft” fantasy film, due out June 10, 2016. Although an early trailer for film was shown in secret at the annual BlizzConn convention last August — it was never released online — this is the first time the public can get a closer look at the world director Duncan Jones and crew have created.

The catch: The scene is viewable only through Google Cardboard, a headset made of — you guessed it — corrugated paper that cradles a user’s smartphone, letting them peer through a pair of cheap lenses for no-frills VR experiences. Called “The Skies of Azeroth,” the short interactive scene puts viewers on the back of a flying eagle as it traverses a detailed fantasy city called Stormwind.

Legendary Pictures, the film production company overseeing Warcraft for distributor Universal Pictures, developed the VR experience for Google’s low-cost, do-it-yourself headset with help from esteemed effects company Industrial Light & Magic, which is the chief visual effects provider for the film. Legendary also released a special VR trailer for director Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming horror film “Crimson Peak.”
Two ancient factions, two new posters, a great war – on this formula can be, what Director Duncan Jones (“source code”) at the comic-con 2015 presented to his “Warcraft” adaptation. The colleagues from JoBlo , induced the shown exclusive footage of “some of the most breathtaking scenes since the ‘Lord of the rings’-trilogy” to swarm: thousands of Orcs and humans fight, supposedly technically brilliant realized. “Warcraft” look light years better than “Avatar”. The common Internet people must decide in November 2015, whether it agrees with this assessment, then will be published according to Duncan Jones of the trailer.

“Warcraft” is based on the PC strategy games or the online role-playing game “World Of Warcraft”, should be understandable also for non-players. If Dominic Cooper, Rob Kazinsky, Travis craze, Toby Kebbell, Paula Patton and Ben Foster have gamers experience, is not known to us – they play in the “Warcraft” movie anyway. It runs on May 26, 2016 at us, here a description of the characters.