New research, carried out by King’s College London, has shown that skunk, which is a stronger strength of cannabis, is the cause for one in four new cases of psychosis. Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg spoke out about these findings, stating that he believes that cannabis should be available in a legal way for people with certain medical conditions.

Psychosis is a form of mental illness, which manifests in symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions. It is a condition that can be treated, but is often caught too late, and victims are so affected that they have already caused harm to themselves or others. Although skunk, which is quite a potent form of the Class B drug, can cause this condition, it has been discovered that other forms of cannabis, such as hash, do not affect people in this way at all.

This has led to Nick Clegg voicing his opinion that if people had access to an easy and legal way to obtain the drug, they would keep away from the potent forms of cannabis that they would otherwise have had to buy illegally on the street. Clegg believes that it is foolish to group all forms of cannabis into one category, claiming that they are highly dangerous, when there are only certain versions of it that could be detrimental to one’s health.

Around the world, such as many states in the USA, cannabis as a form of medication is legal, and there are many dispensaries where people can buy the drug with a prescription from their doctor.