David Cameron, British Prime Minister, has called Mahatma Gandhi an inspiration, and announced on Saturday the installation of Bapu’s statue in the Parliament Square on 14th March. The unveiling of the statue will be carried out the same day, he added.

Cameron said that Mahatma Gandhi’s approach to non-violence would reverberate in the whole of world for all times to come, and was relevant not only for India and U.K., but the entire world. He further added, the installation of his statue in the Parliament Square was a momentous occasion in the history both the countries, and would further cement relations between the two countries-one the largest and the other the oldest democracies.

UK Installing Mahatma Gandhi’s Statue in Parliament Square on 14th MarchAs per Hindustan Times, Sajid Javid, the culture secretary, who chaired the Gandhi Statue Special Advisory Board, was also of the opinion that his statue was the symbol of the principles and beliefs Gandhi stood for, and its installation in Parliament Square would further propel the cordial relations between India and UK. He termed Gandhi as the most inspirational figure of the world who stood for non-violence and peaceful protests.

People from all across the world including India and UK contributed generously for the installation of the statue, and donations crossed the targeted figure of one million pounds. Meghnad Desai, economist and Chairman of the Gandhi Statue Memorial Trust quoted Gandhi who had once said, the cause being right there shall be no dearth of means. Mahatma Gandhi’s statue is to be installed alongside Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill among other noteworthy dignitaries. The statue has been made by Philip Jackson, the noted British sculptor using the photo of Gandhi on his arrival to UK for the Second Round Table Conference in 1931. The first statue of Gandhi in UK had been installed way back in 1968 in London’s Tavistock Square, while the announcement for the installation of his second statue had been made during the visit of George Osborne, the Chancellor, to India in July 2014.