class=” wp-image-2471 alignleft” src=”” alt=”UK Prepares for Biggest Solar Eclipse Since 1999″ width=”407″ height=”244″ />People all over the UK are preparing for the near-total solar eclipse that will be occurring on Friday morning. A solar eclipse happens when the sun, moon and earth are all lined up, making the moon cast its shadow over the planet.

In London, the eclipse will begin just before 8:30am, and will last just over two hours, reaching its peak at 9:30am. Other areas in the UK will experience the eclipse at around the same time, with a few minutes of difference depending on how far north each area is located.

The last major eclipse happened on the 11th of August 1999, where the UK experienced a total solar eclipse. The next partial eclipse will happen in August 2026, and the next total solar eclipse will only happen in 2090, making this eclipse one not to be missed..

Many events are being held around the country, enabling the public to be able to safely view the eclipse. Experts have been warning people about the permanent damage that can occur to the eyesight if people look directly into the sun. The fact that this eclipse is happening during the morning rush hour time is especially dangerous, especially for young children at school who could easily make the mistake of looking straight into the sun.

Experts warn that unless people have a truly safe method of looking at the sun, then they should avoid doing so, minimising their chance of experiencing retinal burns. One school in Belgium, who would normally let the children out for their break time at that time, plans to keep all the students indoors to keep them safe.