For a few years now, Starbucks have been testing out a new concept, called Starbucks Evenings. This will offer customers a new menu after 4pm, serving wine, beer and a variety of small plates, such as olives and nuts. The company has trialled this idea in US stores, and will be bringing the concept to its Canada stores by the end of the year. They first started selling alcohol in 2010, at an outlet in Seattle.

Starbucks is now set to launch Starbucks Evenings in the UK, with the outlet at Stanstead airport being the first cafe that will be rolling out the new menu. The UK evening menu will consist of a selection of hot snacks and meals, with items such as flatbreads with hummus and pulled pork chilli.

UK Starbucks Will Soon Sell AlcoholThis is just one of many new initiatives being launched by Starbucks. The company has announced plans to offer delivery of beverages, including alcohol, to homes and offices. They have also developed a mobile app in Canada that enables customers to skip the queue, and have experimented with offering custom carbonated beverages. The company is also expanding its number of drive-through outlets across Ontario, with Canada being the location where Starbucks has its largest per-capita presence. This is all part of a large plan being aggressively carried out by the company to increase their sales in markets other than coffee.

Starbucks has not yet revealed which other UK stores will be getting the new menu, but they have confirmed that they will be bringing Starbucks Evenings to outlets around the country.