A report from the House of Lords is urging the UK to appoint an ambassador for the Arctic, or else they will be left out of all key decisions concerning the region. With the Arctic warming at a rate that is faster than ever, there are going to be many devastating impacts, not only to the environment but also to ecosystems and the human population.

The report is also recommending that there by an increase in the budget for the government sciences that are focussing their work on the Arctic, whilst also urging any oil companies that are planning to drill in that area to consider what devastating consequences this could have, and look for an alternative. In addition to this, they want international standards and regulations when it comes to drilling. The current decrease in the price of oil is the perfect opportunity to explore whether or not fossil fuels can be safely extracted from the region, with a minimal amount of harm to the environment around it.

UK Urgently Needs an Ambassador for the ArcticThe increase of global warming has also seen a large number of fish, of a huge variety of species, migrate to the north waters. The House of Lords is calling for a moratorium on fishing in the central Arctic ocean, as the vast quantities of fish might encourage an explosion in the amount of fishing that is done in the region, which again would have devastating impacts on the environment, as well as the fish stocks in oceans around the world.