class=” wp-image-1987 alignleft” src=”” alt=”United State Democrats Urge Hillary Clinton To Declare Her Presidential Campaign” width=”363″ height=”256″ />As the controversy on why Hillary Clinton chose to use her private email account for correspondence while she was the secretary of state, instead of the official email account lingers, American Democrats are calling for her to declare her presidential ambition without any further delay.

After keeping silent over this issue for quite some time, Clinton finally opened up on Tuesday’s event, saying that despite using her personal email account for official duties throughout her 2009 – 2013 stay as the secretary of state, she had maintained due protocol in all her correspondence. This event was held at the U.N. headquarters as a news conference where Republicans and the media refused to agree with her assertions. Apart from the email issue, there is another allegation that the Clinton Foundation has received financial aid from foreign governments.

Clinton’s supporters pointed out the fact that she handed in over 50,000 pages of email to the State Department shows her transparency and accountability, qualities that make her the most preferred Democrat for the November 2016 presidential election.

In as much as the news conference was held, giving Mrs. Clinton the platform to tell her side of the story, the smear campaign started by the Republicans will not end anytime soon. They are keen on digging up any story worth digging up just to make Mrs. Clinton look unfit for a presidential candidate despite having their own internal wrangling to sort out. Democrats however believe that as soon Hillary declares officially her presidential campaign, the email controversy will simply fade away.