In a statement on Monday night, A University of Oklahoma sorority has stated about its cooperation with investigation carried out by the school regarding a racist chant after the incident was caught on video which also led to the banishment of the fraternity from the campus.

President David Boren has assured that an investigation is being carried out to find if any of the students has violated the Title VI of Civil Rights Act that strictly prohibits racial discrimination. The video that was posted online showed several people in a bus chanting a racial slur, which gave an indication that the black student would not be admitted to the University’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

University of Oklahoma Sorority Assisting is a Racist Video Probe‘ We are also looking for any potential individual perpetrators who may have directly led such an activity,’ said Boren.

The incident has affected about 1,400 black students who currently attend the Norman campus of the University.

‘ I was completely in shock when I saw that they chanted openly on the bus as if they were proud of it,’ Jared Scarborough said who is in the junior year of construction science and also an African-American. ‘It was clearly evident from the chant that they are not doing it for the first time. They have done it before.’