The favorite actor Leonard Nimoy died on Friday at the age of 83. He has been best remembered for his role in 60s as Mr. Spock on all the three seasons of the Star Trek series. He performed on Star Trek, in an animated series, The Next Generation. He also played his roles in two episodes of The Simpsons, in video games, and 10 films that included among others in the flagship show, rebooted star trek, and Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013 which eventually became his last film.

Nimoy also had a role behind the film camera. A proud follower of his religion, his roles exhibited a voice of reason, logic, and wisdom. Some of the fascinating facts about the departed soul follow hereafter. First, he came up with Vulcan salute of the Star Trek, an alien who first met people on earth. Nimoy, born in Boston and the son of a Yiddish speaking Orthodox Jew, was an outstanding personality. His father emigrated from the erstwhile Soviet Union.

Some Unknown Aspects of Personality of Leonard Nimoy Who Dies at 83Nimoy has displayed Vulcan salute on numerous occasions, both in Star Trek movies and off-screen. He had displayed this salute while greeting reporters on the occasion of the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness. He attended this premiere with his wife Susan Bay. They celebrated 26th wedding anniversary only the last New Year’s Day. Nimoy has left behind besides his wife, a son and a daughter born to his previous wife. He had been the symbol of wisdom and inspiration, as he advised students that they were their own masters, curators of their own life. Nimoy had taken up several odd jobs before becoming an actor; he was a director, and also a photographer.