The US military began an investigation into West Point graduate Spenser Rapone, who has openly demonstrated his support for communism with photos and comments on social networks, Business Insider reports.

Rapone, who described himself as a member of the Democratic Socialists of America in his biography, declared himself a communist during his graduation in May 2016, when he wore a Che Guevara T-shirt, in images taken during the occasion but which transcended this month, Journal of Cuba.

US Army Investigates West Point Graduate Claiming Communist and Fan of Che Guevara

The hashtag #SpenserRapone, name of the second lieutenant in question, has been trending topic in social networks.

In the second of the photos that have become viral, the young military man – who is part of the Tenth Division of Montana based in Fort Drum, New York – wrote a message in the bottom of his cap to catapult his previous statement: “Communism will conquer” and is seen saluting with his left fist closed.

In response to a @punkproletarian twit of September 25, he ends “until victory always”.

West Point, one of the most prestigious training centers in the US, has responded to this month’s tweets with an official statement about the uniformed performance.

The academic institution clarified that the actions of the second Lieutenant Rapone “in no way” reflected their values ​​or those of the US Army.

US Army Investigates West Point Graduate Claiming Communist and Fan of Che Guevara 2

The 25-year-old has also criticized President Trump and the Republican party for commenting: “With that speech, Trump confirms the worst suspicions: he’s a fascist” (July 2016), and in October of that year he said: “The GOP exists as violence against blacks and Latinos, Muslims and the LGBTQ community, and yet fickle liberals donate money actively.”

Rapone, described in one of his Internet profiles as an Army infantry officer, published his first tweet last Sunday to support the protest of National Football League (NFL) players and denounce racism and violence police in the USA.