Do you know that you possess a secret stack of money in your house? That is your pantry, filled up with grains, pastas, beans, sauces etc. Planning to organize and eat from your pantry can save huge money. Almost $165 billion worth food is wasted every year in the United States. And you can solve this problem a bit by taking some simple initiatives.

Often while going to super shop, we do buy some unnecessary stuffs and also in a large amount than required. So at the end of the month, we may find out some food stuffs that are stocked in a huge quantity. This we must organize our pantry and plan accordingly. Need to look at what we are going to buy and of which amount.

Use Your Own Pantry – Huge Money Can Be Saved Doing SoYou can follow instructions of a real expert regarding this matter. She is none other than Jessica Fisher, the author of the Good Cheap Eats blog. Very recently she did a month long pantry challenge, and reduced grocery bill from $1200 to $550. Very surprisingly her kids didn’t even realize the fact until she had revealed to them the truth after two weeks of the challenge.

No wonder a pantry challenge will involve both the fridge and the freezer. You must pay attention to buy some meats, chickens, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables. Even beans can be a good meal, whereas turkey or beef will give your food plan much more diversity. Tuna can’t be only kept for lunch; you can use it in any part of the day. While pancakes are not meant only for breakfast, kids will love them in dinner too. So now you can alter the food stuffs while simply planning to go down from your own pantry. Give a real surprise with different food patterns to your family today!