The user of the Internet portal reddit pushing Managing Director Ellen Pao out of the job.
Moderators important for the site turned up lame the portal, by making invisible their forums for the public. Reddit is dependent on the volunteers.
The catalyst for the user protests was the cancellation of a popular employee. But earlier, Ellen Pao had caused controversy.

News sites entertain their users such as Sü every day with funny, bizarre or controversial topics from the depths of the Internet. Somewhere on the planet has anyone a video uploaded, for example as Cuddles a kitten with an OWL. The video is thousands of times clicked, comments, links – money for ad-supported Web sites. Be found such content with a click guarantee on sites such as

Reddit lives of its users. You upload your own content on the page or link to articles that they have found on the net, and comment on them and evaluate the contributions of others. Reddit million visitors one of the most successful Internet portals in the world is with just 164 in the month.

User Revolution in the Internet Gold MineNow the user have used their power to urge the Executive Director of the Internet company from the job. Ellen Pao resigned on Friday. Co-founder Steve Huffman returns to the top of the company, which belongs to large parts of the publishing giant Condé Nast (Elle).

The reason was the termination of a popular Assistant
Pao, which long stood in the critique, triggered last violent protests of important users with a controversial dismissal, which largely put down the site for a few days.

The trigger was the dismissal by Victoria Taylor, the the popular “ask me anything” q & a sessions supervised for celebrities and took also care of the numerous presenters of the online network. These mostly volunteers play a key role for reddit.

That they also feel by making invisible their forums on “private” supposed to, and thus to the public.

Pao apologized while a few days ago for the way how the controversial decision of the staff ran off, but since the user revolt was already in full swing. A petition, which called their replacement, found more than 200,000 supporters.

Pao had enforced tougher course against bullying

The conflict between Pao and parts of the reddit community ranged but deeper. The Manager had enforced mid-May a tougher course against threats, hostile or bullying on the site. That came not good for some users.

This group fiercely attacked Pao even before the dispute over Taylor. Reddit Board of Directors CEO Sam Altman said the separation was by mutual agreement. Pao should be the management until the end of the year as a consultant to the page.

Pao was eight months at the top of Reddit and was been hired as interim boss. Her predecessor, Yishan WONG had gone in November after the controversy surrounded the publication of stolen nude pics of celebrities by users of the platform.

Second major setback for Pao in a short time

Pao said the Technologieblog recode she and the Board of directors be differences of opinion about the growth potential of reddit. “They had a more aggressive view of things than I.” Within a few months, it is the second major setback for Pao. Recently she had a discrimination lawsuit lost against their former employer, the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins.

Pao had accused one of the top addresses in Silicon Valley, have discriminated against them, because sine wife. However, she could not convince the jury. The process in which dirty laundry was washed, attracted much attention. Pao holds open still a vocation, according to current, she should reimburse Kleiner Perkins process costs good 275 000 dollars.