class=” wp-image-1982 alignleft” src=”” alt=”Virgin Atlantic Returns to Profit” width=”410″ height=”219″ />Virgin Atlantic’s annual financial results have been published and revealed, showing that the company was successful in carrying out its two year recovery plan that it established in 2013. The plan set a target for the company, to return to profit after two years, and they have now accomplished this.

For the year ending on December 31st, Virgin Atlantic saw an increase in its profit before tax and exceptional items of £65.4 million compared to the previous year, showing great financial improvement.

The group is now positioning the company for future business growth, as well as working on sustaining their profitability, whilst at the same time, investing large amounts in customer experience. The chief executive of Virgin Atlantic, Craig Kreeger, has stated that the company aims to be the airline that is most loved by customers, mainly for the reason that Virgin always puts their customers first.

In October, the airline received their first delivery of the new state of the art Boeing 787-9s, and will be expecting seven more this year. These fuel efficient air crafts are all part of a fleet regeneration programme that Virgin is carrying out.

Virgin Atlantic also provided its customers with huge benefits after confirming a joint venture partnership with Delta Airlines, which they launched in January last year. In the first year of the joint venture’s operation, over 4.5 million passengers flew with them, with the number set to increase this year.