HTC has just launched a newer version of HTC one smartphone named the HTC One M9. The main story behind the scene is how HTC is considering to re-invert themselves to venture into other fields like virtual reality, wearables and most notably.

They are trying to achieve this by teaming up with gaming companies. It can be a bold claim when your competitors have launched a competitive product in the market but you are still some years away.

Virtual reality factor makes HTC to team with ValveHTC claims that vive has difference form Samsung Gear VR since the head gear is wearable when one is moving around. When one wears vive head gear they can touch objects. The company has promised top notch audio fidelity with high graphics. Improved 20-megapixel rare- facing camera.

Apart from the vive and the new HTC One M9, HTC is working together with Amour for producing of GPS-capable contoured fitness.