Vision Next 100Vision Next 100 – On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, BMW unveils its vision of the automobile for the years to come. It will be obviously autonomous with a sacred look.

Obviously it is only a concept car, but what Visual slap! The Vision Next 100 is as much a celebration of 100 years of BMW as a projection in the future of the automobile. A future nicely linked to the present when considering lines of the Next 100 Vision reminds a little of the very futuristic BMW i8 (check out our video review of the BMW i8).

We like or we don’t like the design, but one cannot remain insensitive to the doors opening both antagonist and Elytron… even if the latter are absolutely not practical on a daily basis.

This totally futuristic vision of the car was unveiled by the manufacturer at its event “The next 100 years” during which BMW returned to events in its history… The opportunity for the brand also recalled its ability to innovate, or to position itself as a precursor.

The Vision Next 100 is thus a sublime and amazing concept car so we know for the moment not much, except that it foreshadows the car of the future.

It will be necessarily enswathed sensors to meet the needs of autonomous driving. And in this regard, envisaged by BMW design and modularity of the cockpit are unpublished, as shown in the video below, made images of synthesis, as to remind us that the future is still intangible.

In another video, BMW has staged a heads-up display and safety devices that alert the driver to the presence of a cyclist who arrives by the right and moves in front of the car. More surprising, the built-in camera still stalks the cyclist while he goes behind a truck. BMW says no more on this technology which he christened Alive Geometry.

Proof of the consistency of design and mink prevailing at BMW, the Vision Next 100 also reminds us somewhat the BMW i8 Spyder, another concept because we had discovered during CES in Las Vegas.