As per a new study, there are five vital health issues affecting men, and there are solutions to these issues. These health issues can either be prevented or treated and controlled as the case may be. Kevin Polsley of the University of Loyola told that many men thought about visiting a doctor as an end which was not the case. It was just a means to an end.

Heart disease constitutes the first health concern for men. Men carried higher risks of heart attacks than women, and these risks increased when there was a family history of the heart disease. The risk of heart disease also increased if one smoked, had high blood pressure and cholesterol, or diabetes. Polsley told that diet control and regular exercise were the two essential components of a healthy heart. Routinely preventive checkups and consultations with doctors could substantially reduce the risk of heart attack.

The second most common health problem of men has been sleep apnea which, as per an estimate, has affected millions of people worldwide including 18 million Americans. The symptoms of this disease include waking up too often for urinating, snoring, headaches, and dry mouth on waking up. The long term implications of apnea included heart attack, high blood pressure, heart failures, and strokes, and hence, it was imperative that the condition was diagnosed early to prevent it from aggravating. Weight loss can significantly reduce the risks.

Vital 5 Health Concerns for Men and Their ManagementThe third issue is high blood pressure. Obesity and family history of the disease are its two main causes. A low sodium diet and weight reductions can substantially reduce the problem of blood pressure. A lifestyle containing regular exercise and diet control can significantly prevent incidence of high blood pressure.

High cholesterol is the fourth issue affecting men’s health. A man can be affected with high cholesterol even when there was no family history of that kind. Diet control, exercises, and low intake of fat can help prevent complications such as heart failure, high blood pressure, and the likes.

The fifth issue affecting men has been colon cancer which if detected early can be successfully treated. Colonoscopy at a certain interval of time can help detect the disease. Polsley added that colonoscopy might be unpleasant, but could save life.