New York – New York is a real dream city. If you want to travel to New York you can consider Waldorf Astoria because of these reviews :

1 – We went for a family trip to this great and well known hotel in New York, with following result and feedback for you as TripAdvisor User

Entrance/Welcome = very nice
Service = very good
Food quality = n/a
Location & Atmosphere = great old location
View = to the city
Wine/Drinks = nice but the Bar is to dark for me

Next time again = yes

2- Yes, the rooms are dated, but I didn’t mind it at all. I think this is a very charming hotel with lots of histories. The location is great, the price we paid was reasonable in NYC standard.
One thing did bother me though. My room has a smaller window with the view of the Chrysler building, however, that window was extremely dirty. I would have enjoyed the view much more if the window was clean.

3- My wife and I traveled up to NYC this weekend and it was quite a pleasant stay at the Astoria. The placed was decked out in total luxury, even carpet all over the floors with the flower prints and really nice design. Conveniently their parking is located at the bottom of their hotel so you don’t have to go anywhere or wait absurd amount of time to park and take your car out. It’s $65 per day. The room was large, we had a king size bed and overall impression is that it’s comfortable. If I want to get picky, for my preference I thought the bed was a bit hard compared to what I’m used to. The bathroom you can pick a shower or a bath tub in the room size that we had. And location is right next to all the overpriced shopping places we all come to NYC to purchase. :D Talk about expensive the breakfast brunch alone was basically $100 per person =P Overall it’s a good stay, very comfortable, staff is friendly and helpful and you can even bring your pets I believe. Definitely enjoyed our stay.

Waldorf Astoria
Waldorf Astoria