Fresh food for zombie fans: at Comic-Con, there was a first long trailer for the sixth season of “the walking dead” to marvel at. Also the spin-off “fear the walking dead” was presented.
With voltage, zombie fans looked on Friday at the comic-con in San Diego. There was not only a first trailer for the sixth season of the undead hunt “The walking dead” shown also to the spin-off ” fear the walking dead” there was new information. But in turn.

The sixth “the walking dead” Germany premieres on October 11 when the U.S. channel AMC with a 90-minute opening episode. The battle for supremacy in the foreclosed Alexandria tips to the bloody trailer according to . While a group of ex-COP Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) seems to form, the other residents trust more returnees Morgan Jones (Lennie James). Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) seems to do his own thing again, however, and device while in captivity. Striking large herds of zombie seem to seek the trailer to episode this season the people alive.

The walking dead New trailer and information about spin-offThe complete first season of “the walking dead” can be ordered here

During this time is devoted to the single “fear the walking dead” from 23 August over six episodes the beginnings of the zombieApocalypse. Here, too, there was on Friday to marvel at a first extended trailer. New venue is Los Angeles, since according to the authorities – which is also “TWD” creator Robert Kirkman – there due to the high population density is most likely the outbreak of a disease. Starring Cliff Curtis (46, “10,000 BC”) and Kim Dickens (49, “gone girl”). A second season is already booked for 2016.