Recent studies of the University of Miami, USA, show that women prefer men who make them laugh. However, the trick works for males only, because, as the research reveals, men tend to be with woman who are receptive to their jokes.

Evolutionary-minded scientists have assumed that the ability of being jolly and hilarious takes precedence when it comes to sex partner’s option. The biggest part of women participating in the researchers said that they would prefer funny people rather than others. Mostly they agreed with the suggestion “If someone cannot make me laugh, I am not interested in him/her as a relationship partner”. It leads to the conclusion that if a woman finds his hypothetical partner amusing, she is more likely to have a sexual intercourse with him, and it is not surprising. Given that humor production requires high-level mental, it witnesses that the ability of making people laugh is an indicator of “good genes” (Geary, Vigil, and Byrd-Craven, 2004).

Want to be Attractive Make Them LaughAlthough, the selection method is distinct. Whereas females would choose a significant other that would make them laugh, males tend to prefer women who laugh at their jokes. According to the study, many men value those who appreciate their sense of humor. It is also interesting that each side would spend more money on the suitable partner, such as humor appreciators for men and humor producers for women.

However, not the sense of humor only makes attractiveness. There are many other factors, which come to play when it comes to the pick. Also, considering the fact that the meaning of “sense of humor” may vary for every one (not even mention national mentality differences), the scientist are concluding that the sex selection still has a diffuse form and may be depending on many options.