The most important of the Warner Panel at Comic-Con was “Batman v Superman”-trailer, which we have already shown you. There were also still plot details – and the info that the announced “Green Lantern” movie now says “Green Lantern Corps”

At Comic-Con by 2015 showed Warner including exclusive material to “Suicide Squad” and the new trailer to “Batman v Superman: dawn of Justice”. Zack Snyder knew the mood before the Panel to stoke, drove authentically in the Batmobile, to distribute posters to the waiting fans:

And otherwise? For example, it was interesting what Director Zack Snyder and starring Ben “Batman” Affleck had to say about metropolis and Gotham, the two plot places where the conflict between bat and Superman is unloaded. In the new film both stands are therefore directly, such as San Francisco and Oakland (or Berlin and Potsdam). Affleck: “the idea is that metropolis is the come down of the successful, wealthy and Gotham. “The people of Gotham take the ferry to metropolis, and there is this idea of wealth and power, where power generates fear (via / film).” It was already known that Superman (Henry Cavill) is a person especially after the devastation caused by him at the end of “Man of Steel”, before which have some fear. In particular (Affleck), Batman the destruction personally concerned, wants to have the godlike Superman in the barriers.

As Snyder further stressed on the Panel, famous comic “Batman – the Dark Knight Returns” not Frank Millers was 1:1-template, “Batman v Superman” was only it ajar.

We come to another popular hero from the House of DC: Green Lantern. For 2020, Warner had announced a new film about the man in a green suit and the powerful ring after the flop of the adaptation by 2011 . On the us in recent months seemingly contradictory casting rumors, which for both Tyrese Gibson as Chris Pine in the race for the lead – in June 2015 then offered another rumor possible enlightenment: the comic book adaptation would offer several Green Lanterns, as the Alter Egos of John Stewart and Hal Jordan. For Green Lantern is also a corps that consists of members who come from different corners of the Galaxy. That Warner this concept actually translates into his next “Green Lantern” movie, for it speaks of the now famous title “Green Lantern Corps”. This title was shown in a video presentation at the beginning of the Warner Panel (via Collider).

“Green Lantern Corps.” has still no specific German launch date, “Batman v Superman: dawn of Justice” it has long been: the 24 March 2016.