“GTA” crossed with “Mr. Robot”: Ubisoft makes “Hackdogs 2″ the hackers game, which should have already been part one. The action-adventure celebrates the nerd culture and meets the Zeitgeist.

The first goal in “Watchdogs 2″ is to delete itself. Or any data stored via Marcus Holloway in the database of the Big Data Giant Flower – and at the same time a backdoor in their server. Marcus Holloway is mid-twentieth, a young black man with hacking skills and protagonist of “Watch Dogs 2″. He can gradually get more and more information about the game world and its inhabitants and make use of this information – just like the other side.

“Watchdogs 2″ was created in the Ubisoft studio Montreal, where the predecessor was also conceived. In essence, the game is a comment and a warning of too much networking, before the data collection, in front of tech companies, in front of social media and before missing control over the data streams. It offers a freely explorable world such as “Grand Theft Auto”, in which it is mainly about topics like the from the Hackerserie “Mr. Robot” goes.

Watch Dogs 2/ 1

The predecessor, “Watchdogs”, had at that time combined outstanding ideas with a despicable revenge story and an unsympathetic main character: he was ultimately a good, although somewhat dispassionate, game. The second part now makes practically everything better. Perhaps the most important thing is that humor has arrived, the heavy message is easily packaged and transported so well.

From the gloomy Chicago of the predecessor was a brightly colored San Francisco, which does not take himself seriously seriously and has much in common with the lot Santos of a “GTA V”. In sub-missions everything is taken into account, which has determined the news in the last years.

The nasty pharmacist is here, who is paying the price of an important medicine and from the postage money exclusive shots of a hip-hop star purchases, only to have them alone for themselves. Scientology is being taken up, narcissistic businessmen, who are trying in politics, appear in conversations. The “Nudle” bus brings employees of a network giant from San Francisco to Silicon Valley. The streets are populated by tech hipsters with their own problems, and the player’s success is measured by followers.

Minoroty Report sends greetings

The DedSec hack group, to which Holloway belongs, is a collection of cliché nerds who are somewhere between the A team and fashion victims. They write their programs themselves, weapons and drones are produced by 3D printers. The goal of DedSec is to bring down flower Рthe company, which builds the monitoring system CtOS from all available information.

At a first glance, this can only be used to guide cities more efficiently. In truth, it is about wanting to know everything about everyone and to derive predictions about future behavior from creditworthiness to crime prediction, “Minority Report”. DedSec plans a major attack using a bot network and needs support for it. They will become more numerous with each completed mission.

As in the first part, it is about hacking through a city and seizing the various networks – and only in the extreme emergency to access a pistol. It’s about hacking into systems, jumping from camera to camera until you have access to the device that stores the information you’re looking for.

A click turns the colorful city of the game into a gray variant, in which only the data is important, and in which is shown what can be manipulated. Life is calculated, as Big Data promises. Take the colorful and rely only on the numbers.