The Studio MDHR project is now available on Xbox One, Steam and Windows 10

After years of waiting, Cuphead is already available and anyone who has an Xbox One or a PC can download and enjoy it. However, it is possible that for one reason or another you still can not play it, so we invite you to get excited about your fun launch trailer.

Watch the fun Cuphead release trailer

This progress is very similar to others of the same type, so it presents us the general characteristics of the game. That is to say, it shows us that Cuphead is a lateral displacement shooter in which you have to overcome several dangers to get to where the powerful bosses that will put your life at risk.

Since it was announced, Cuphead drew attention for its style of art and animation that is a clear tribute to the classic caricatures, reason why Studio MDHR did not miss the opportunity to show it in this advance. Also, they give us a taste of his peculiar soundtrack.

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We take advantage that we talk about Cuphead to tell you that there is a possibility that you have multiplayer online. It is also important that you know that your soundtrack will be edited on vinyl, and we do not doubt that it will become a collectible item.