Apple has revealed to potential customers, the full features of the much-awaited Apple Watch, and how it compares with other rivals like the Pebble Time Steel.

In the aesthetics department, Apple Watch comes up tops over the Pebble time Steel. With Apple’s conservative design for the Watch, the phrase, “Less is more” says it all. The watch was designed with the huge functional crown and the side button as the most prominent features. The high-quality Ion-X glass-covered Retina display comes as a standard feature in the lowest model – the Watch Sport.

The Pebble Time Steel however boasts of the Gorilla Glass, which is about the only positive thing about the physical appearance. The glass is flat and ordinary, in contrast to the Apple Watch’s sleek design. The Pebble Time Steel has sharp edges marked with an uninteresting black bezel. Apple’s rigid proprietary setup reflects on the limited choice of customizable straps for its Watch, which are also costlier. The Pebble Time Steel happily comes with a wide range of affordable straps.

Pebble Time Steel and Apple Watch Head to Head

On the features side, the Time Steel comes with a seven-day-on battery power, unlike the Watch’s 18 hours limit. The Watch boasts of GPS and heart rate monitor, which only comes as add-on in the Time Steel. Navigation on the Time Steel is limited to the three side buttons while the Watch accommodates finger swipes and taps.

Though Apple probably has more apps for the Watch than Pebble has for the Time Steel, the Time Steel is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, unlike the Apple Watch that is compatible with only Apple gadgets.