A player from Ubisoft’s new hacker game discovered an explicitly depicted female genital. Split pictures of it brought him a lock in Sony’s Playstation Network, to which Ubisoft reacts with a censorship patch.

In Ubisoft’s current game, Watchdogs 2 has provided a seemingly naturalistic representation of the female primary genius for excitement. A player had accidentally noticed the quite detailed vulva of a game character, and then uploaded and shared ingame images via a PlayStation Network (PSN) feature. Sony had, according to him, a one-month blocking of his PSN account. Ubisoft reacted to this with an update, which removes the vulva of the game figure, as the game site Kotaku writes.

The player describes in the forum Neogaf that he made the discovery, when in the game by an accidentally triggered gas explosion caused for the virtual demise of several female figures. The slipped clothes of a figure exposed the rendered vulva. Sony had the following lock on the picture posting with a violation of the Playstation Network conditions, as “content of a sexual nature” were spread.

Watchdogs 2 Ubisoft removed with update to detailed Vulva

The penis remains

Even though the lock was now lifted, Ubisoft was still bound to an anti-Vulva patch. Kotaku, the publisher explained that this week a patch was going to match the figure to the less detailed models of the other NPCs. Ubisoft wanted to ensure that all users could continue to share content from the game – and remain within the framework of the usage conditions of partner companies.

In Germany Watchdogs 2 is released from 18 years. It is not only female but also male genitalia. For example, a video on Youtube, in which a naked man with a cap is to be seen – has obviously not aroused this. Ubisoft also told Kotaku on request that the patch is referring solely to the one female game character. The briefly blocked player commented on the happening on Twitter with the words “Excuse me, Sony, I’m going to share pictures of corpses from Resident Evil 7.”