With the video call, a long-awaited feature for WhatsApp finally rolls out. This circumstance, however, should be exploited by fraudsters who want to lure messenger users who are apparently unsuspecting messengers, as reported by Mimikama. For this reason, caution should be exercised when activating the video function. Also, if this message comes from one of your contacts.

WhatsApp fraud in circulation fake video call

The WhatsApp video calls feature is unlocked step-by-step for users. If you can not use the feature yet, you just have to wait a little longer. The basic requirement for the function is only that you have the latest update of the messenger already installed on your smartphone. However, there is currently a message that promises immediate activation when you follow the instructions on a web page. You can also receive this message from one of your friends in Messenger.

Divide into 5 groups to activate

Behind this message are scammers who want to move you to install a malicious software. As soon as you follow the link from the WhatsApp message and click on “Enable”, you will be prompted to spread the fake invitation. To “check” whether your WhatsApp is actually active, you should forward the message to five friends and five groups. A strong indication of the fraudulent intentions of the website is not only this verification of the hair, but also the bad spelling of the instructions: “Invite 5 friends and share 5 groups.”

Since apparently many users follow these instructions, the fake is currently spreading fast in the network of the messenger and may reach you soon about one of your friends. Clearly, there is no invitation system for the video call feature. As soon as you follow the instructions on the fraudulent website, another fake message will appear, which speaks of several viruses on your smartphone. Once you install the “360 Security” app recommended by this cheating page, you have installed the actual virus – and doing exactly what the fraudsters might have hoped for with the action.