A few months ago we had made a comparison between two of the most used messaging applications in the world, on the one hand is Whatsapp, which is certainly broad market dominator with its more than 1.2 billion active users, while Telegram has grown quite in Europe and the United States, reaching the 100 million active users worldwide.

However, Telegram has always enjoyed and boasted Whatsapp of its features that make it the most complete messaging application on the market, but we must recognize that in recent months the Whatsapp development team has been integrating new functions that were previously exclusive of Telegram.

For this reason we will see who is better in different aspects so that in the end you decide which messaging application is better.

Security and Privacy

We start with one of the most important points of any application or service on the Internet such as security. And is that both Whatsapp and Telegram include messages encrypted point to point so that only the sender and receiver of the message are the only ones who can see the content of the message.

Even both applications allow you to see active sessions on other devices, which in the case of Whatsapp is limited to the web version, but in both services you can close the sessions you have open in addition to your phone.

This is where Whatsapp has a disadvantage over Telegram, because in case you lose your phone and want to close your Whatsapp session, you can only do so if you activate your account on another smartphone, or by contacting the application support team , which can take several hours and is only in English.


It’s no use having a great application but you have to use it, and that is precisely the problem of Telegram, since at least in Mexico few users use this service to communicate, while Whatsapp is the opposite.

Chats and groups

In terms of design, both applications are similar, in fact Telegram was launched being a copy of Whatsapp in its beginnings, although nowadays they have changed many details that give a unique touch to the application.

Within the chats, Whatsapp allows you to use text, emojis, GIFs, send videos and photos from the gallery, location, files like: PDF, DOC, TXT, etc. But Telegram in addition to this allows the use of bots within chats and sending stickers, although according to various rumors Whatsapp will soon add these features, in addition to the location in real time, however, Pavel Durov, creator of Telegram, is also thinking of adding this function to the future.

Web Version

Yes, both services have a web version, but it’s totally different. In the case of Whatsapp, this feature is only available if the phone is connected to the Internet, it is a kind of “mirroring”, while in the case of Telegram, being a cloud-based application allows you to log in from the web without the need to have the phone even on, again a point for Telegram.

VoIP calls and web version

An option that any messenger should have at their disposal are calls and video calls, in the case of the first option, both have the service, with the only difference that Telegram presumes to use artificial intelligence to improve the quality of the voice. But video calls are a tool that Telegram has not launched (according to its creator is because they are not necessary), and whether we use them or not, any user would like to have the feature available if you require it.

The future of both applications

While Telegram has mentioned that they are still working on more features that can make this a much more complete application, Whatsapp has a clear intention to enter the business world with Whatsapp Business, the platform that seeks to connect users with businesses through popular WhatsApp chats, so that in the future WhatsApp could revolutionize the way we communicate, while Telegram needs a much larger user base to launch a similar tool.